Where are they made?

In Sydney, Australia. Pullproof has a reduced carbon footprint because of the minimal transportation from production to shipment.

Is this plastic recyclable?

We are committed to being a sustainable organisation, and part of our ethos is toward extending the lifespan of technological goods. Polyurethane can be recycled, but Pullproofs’ real value is in its prevention of cable waste and the fill of our landfills.

What if I don’t like it?

Pullproof is the most effective way to maintain the quality and use of your Apple charger cable, however if you are not 100% satisfied with the product or it is defective in anyway, we are happy to offer refund or exchange within 14 days. For more information see our returns policy.

Will my charger still fit in my case?

We designed Pullproof to fit into most popular phone cases. Pullproof is designed to fit Apple original lightning charger cables only.

How does it work?

Pullproof easily clips on the end of your lightning cable preventing you to pull directly on the cable. The pull is transferred directly to the lightning plug.

Pullproof is simply the best lighting cable protector out there!