Simple effective protection of your Apple Lightning cable.

Makes charging less fiddly.

Stop buying cables, use Pullproof!

Don’t get caught without power again, it’s a no brainer.

Pullproof is simply the best lighting cable protector out there!


Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. We have solved that annoying problem of cables breaking too often. Pullproof is the best way to protect your cord, and it makes using your cable sooo much easier. How good is that?


Available in 7 colours to start and more to follow. We don’t think durability should be unfashionable, so we made Pullproof as stylish as it is practical. With its easy snap-on design, you’ll never want to take it off – and won’t ever have to!


Pullproof means the end of replacing cables every few months, and will probably last until the cows come home!
E-waste is an ever-present dilemma in an increasingly technological world, filling landfills with things that should last longer! Pullproof is a small solution to a big problem.


There are too many daily frustrations that are too hard to fix, charging your phone shouldn’t be one of them. Pullproof has been tried and tested until our arms started falling off and we guarantee it's 100% pullproof!

Product Details

The perfect fit for your apple lightning cable, light and tight – adding barely any extra weight to your cable. Once it’s on, you’ll never have to worry again.


• is soft feeling, durable plastic, and comes in a rainbow of colours

• is easy to use – makes charging a breeze and no need to take it off

• protect and identify cables – take phone on and off charge without damaging your cable

• is simply the best lighting cable protector out there!

Choose your colour

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Size: 1.18″ in length

Weight: 0.092oz

Material: Polyurethane plastic

Tech specs: Fits Apple lightning cable

Made by: Real Aussies in Sydney